Acquiring and Training Football Players

Users acquire football players for free to start playing the game. Additional football players can be acquired from the gacha system, by trading players on the marketplace, winning prizes from events or tournaments, or by renting players from other users.

Besides the free football players that users get to start the game, the two main methods to acquire additional players are via the gacha system or the marketplace.

  • The gacha system is a mechanic where users can use in-game or other currencies to select and open a pack of digital cards with a chance to get new players.

  • The marketplace lets users buy, sell, trade, and rent players with specific skills and capabilities.

Users can also acquire players by winning tournaments and through events and challenges. Special promotions for player giveaways for new gamers may be used to foster a strong user base.

Users can play for free and earn tokens from PvE, quests or events. Users can earn more tokens by winning PvP matches. They can use the tokens to acquire additional players from the gacha system or the marketplace.

Each football player is represented by a player card, which can be minted as an NFT, with its own rarity, level, and skills that represent the characteristics and strength of the football player.

As a user adds players to their football club, they will need to train their players over time to increase and maintain their skills. This will be accomplished by completing training challenges, exhibition matches, or acquiring upgrade cards through the gacha system and special events.

The fusion feature will allow users to fuse two different football players to potentially acquire a better player, one with higher skill parameters. The base cards used in the fusion will be kept in the game’s treasury, allowing them to be reintroduced in the future to the ecosystem, as appropriate, based on the overall card economy of the game.

Blockchain Football may reset or re-adjust football players’ parameters after each season to maintain a robust game ecosystem for users.

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