Becoming a World Champion

Users will compete to become the World Champion. The journey to the top includes various levels of competition. PvP tournaments are the key element for winning tokens in Blockchain Football.

Exhibition Matches and PvE Matches

Exhibition matches and PvE matches are held daily. With these matches, users can train and improve their players’ skills and win tokens to enter PvP tournaments. They can test strategies and tactics, such as team composition and formation, for later use in tournaments.

Daily 1-vs-1 and PvP Tournaments

Players can enter into 1-vs-1 and other PvP tournaments at any time by paying an entry fee. The winner of the match or tournament will win the entry prize. A percentage of the entry fee will be removed from the game ecosystem. To maximize earnings, players will compete as much as possible. The system rewards winners and also removes tokens from the ecosystem to stabilize token value.

League Tournament

An official league tournament is held a few times a month. Users will compete against other teams to earn tokens and an opportunity to acquire new players based on their success in the tournament.

World Championship

The World Championship is the ultimate tournament in Blockchain Football and is held every few months or so. Only a number of select teams can enter the tournament. Users earn the right to enter by being one of the top teams. Users earn tokens and acquire special football players by participating and finishing high in the ranking.

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