Blockchain Football Metaverse

We intend to build a sports and entertainment metaverse based on the Blockchain Football game and community.
In Phase 2, users can purchase lots of land. From dirt fields, users can build practice facilities, training centers, stadiums and eventually MetaSports complexes. The fields can be upgraded over time with a range of options, like planting grass, installing turf and equipment, adding bleachers, setting up vendor booths to sell merchandise and making other improvements to create true entertainment complexes, not unlike the real world. In a MetaSports complex, users can host practices, matches and tournaments (or even other entertainment activities) and monetize their ownership. The potential lies within the users’ imagination.
Ownership of land can confer benefits like faster development of players from training, home field advantages, additional earnings of tokens from hosting practices, matches and tournaments, and other rewards.
The MetaSports complexes allow Blockchain Football to be more than just a simulation football management game, but a sports and entertainment metaverse, where users can compete, be entertained and earn from their NFT ownership.