The World of Blockchain Football

Football is the world’s most popular sport with over 3.5 billion fans. Blockchain Football gives the global fanbase a chance to explore their passion for the “beautiful game”. Football fans have the chance to live their fantasy of building their own football club and becoming #1 by being the best team manager. Win or lose, you will compete with passion.

By having elements of both F2P and P&E games, Blockchain Football attracts the mainstream football fans who just want enjoyable gameplay and the users who want to earn from their gaming talents.

The tokenomics has been developed to maintain a stable token value, a key factor for success in P&E games. The PvE and quests are designed to reward users with enough tokens to enter the PvP tournaments, but to earn more, users have to win the zero-sum skill-based matches. Winners of PvP tournaments receive most of the entry fees from other participants; thus, limiting the issuance of new tokens as rewards. Additionally, the game takes a percentage of the tournament entry fees and removes the tokens from the game ecosystem to control token inflation.

In the game, you are the manager of a fantasy football club. Your goal is to acquire the best players, train them and have them compete in matches with other teams. Team composition, strategies and tactics are the key to building a successful team. Beat other teams, climb up the tournament ranking and claim the ultimate prize: the Blockchain Football Champions Trophy.

Gamers can acquire both real and fantasy players for their teams. Blockchain Football has acquired the license from the Vietnamese Football Federation for the Vietnamese national team, one of the top teams in Southeast Asia. Blockchain Football is working with OneFootball, a leading global football media and an investor of Blockchain Football, and other football clubs to acquire licenses and bring more real football players into the game.

Users start playing by acquiring a team of football players, represented as in-game NFTs. The value of the players is based on a number of parameters, such as their rarity, skill, stamina, accuracy or strength. Users can train players, trade players, rent players from other teams, or lend out players.

Gamers earn $BFB and $GOAL tokens by playing matches and completing challenges.

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