Using Proven Barcode Footballer Game as the Framework

Barcode Footballer was first launched in 2012, with many upgraded versions since then, and has generated over $80 million in revenue over its lifetime. The most recent versions garnered more than 8 million downloads. The game has repeatedly won the “Top Free Game” and “Highest Revenue” in the Hong Kong App Store and Google Play Store.

Blockchain Football will have the fun and addictive gameplay of Barcode Footballer, but with added elements of blockchain technology, NFTs and P&E mechanics. The game has distinct market advantages over new entrants:

  • Gameplay based on a proven and successful game series Barcode Footballer;

  • An existing and experienced game development and operational team;

  • Backing of a company with years of experience creating outstanding games;

  • The resources and expertise of a public Japanese company; and

  • Support of well-known, reputable investors for the project.

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