Introducing CYBIRD: A Leading Japanese Game Developer

Blockchain Football utilizes the game engine and proven gameplay of Barcode Footballer, a successful mobile simulation football management game developed and launched by CYBIRD in over 90 countries.
CYBIRD is a leading game and digital content business company founded by well-known serial entrepreneurs in Japan. It was established in 1998 during the dawn of the mobile Internet in Japan and became a listed company in 2000. It is currently a subsidiary of Aeria Inc., a Japanese listed company and a pioneer in free-to-play games.
CYBIRD has a long, successful history of making great games, with more than 50 games launched. The company is best known for its game Barcode Footballer and the many romance games in its portfolio, the most famous of which is the "Ikémen Series" with 35+ million members around the world.
With over 300 employees, CYBIRD uses its extensive expertise and resources to develop leading NFT and play-and-earn (P&E) games, starting with Blockchain Football.