Play-and-Earn Mechanics

Blockchain Football has 2 tokens: $BFB (the governance token) and $GOAL (the in-game token).
Blockchain Football utilizes the 1-vs-1 and PvP tournament system similar to skill gaming or esports matching. Users earn just enough tokens from PvE, quests and challenges to enter into 1-vs-1 matches and PvP tournaments. Users can enter into as many PvP matches or tournaments as possible using their tokens. Winners will take the entry prizes. The game will take a percentage of the entry fee and remove it from the ecosystem. This system allows: (1) users to earn just sufficient tokens to enter into 1-vs-1 matches and PvP tournaments and thus limiting the over-issuance of tokens, (2) users to compete as much as possible to earn more tokens by winning the entry fees of other participants, and (3) the removal of tokens from the system to control the supply and stabilize the token price. Skilled gamers get the best of both worlds: a stable token price and more earnings.
PvP Tournaments will have multiple formats: (a) different sizes (for example, a tournament of 2 players, 4 players, 20 players, etc.) and (b) different entry fees (a high entry fee means higher prizes).
Users earn tokens by, among other things:
  • Completing daily challenges;
  • Winning 1-vs-1 matches or PvP tournaments;
  • Selling or lending football players in the marketplace;
  • Staking tokens; or
  • Participating in the community and game governance.
The tokens earned can be spent in various ways:
  • Acquiring players via the gacha system;
  • Buying or renting players in the marketplace;
  • Upgrading players; or
  • Entry into PvP tournaments.
PvP tournaments represent the core P&E mechanics of Blockchain Football, both for users to earn and for the game to stabilize token value. Skilled players win tournament prizes from the entry fees of other players, limiting the need for the game to issue additional tokens. The game also removes a percentage of all entry fees from the game’s token economy to further limit token supply.