Blockchain Football - Executive Summary

Updated August 2022

Blockchain Football is a simulation football management game, inspired by the most popular sport in the world, where anyone can earn through strategic and skilled gameplay. Gamers are the managers of their own football teams. Each gamer starts by assembling a team of players, training them to improve their skills, and fielding the team to compete in PvP matches and tournaments, all toward the endeavor of becoming the World Champion.

Gamers can enjoy Blockchain Football as both a free-to-play (F2P) and a play-and-earn (P&E) game. The hybrid model allows users to just enjoy fun, engaging gameplay and, at the same time, monetize their gaming skills.

Importantly, the game leverages the esports matching and skill gaming mechanics to allow players to compete in 1-vs-1 matches and PvP tournaments to win tokens. The skills-based competition is a zero-sum tournament feature, with good players winning the entry fees. The game takes a percentage of the entry fees and removes the tokens from the ecosystem, actively managing the in-game economy and token inflation - a key factor for success in play-and-earn games. Players can maximize their earnings by competing as much as possible.

Gamers can earn a combination of $BFB (a governance token), $GOAL (an in-game token) and NFTs by completing in-game challenges and winning PvP matches and tournaments. Value is created from winning of $BFB and $GOAL or by trading and selling NFT assets.

Blockchain Football is based on the proven simulation football management game Barcode Footballer, which was first launched in 2012 and has over 10+ million downloads and $USD80+ million in revenue. It combines the proven gameplay of the Barcode Footballer series with play-and-earn mechanics.

Our vision is to build the Blockchain Football game and community into a sports and entertainment metaverse. In Phase 2, users will be offered opportunities to purchase land, which can be upgraded into practice fields, training facilities, stadiums and MetaSports complexes. With ownership of land, users can gain in-game benefits like faster player development or home field advantage and earn tokens from hosting practices, matches, tournaments and other entertainment activities, similar to real world entertainment complexes.

Blockchain Football brings the dream of creating, building, competing and earning on the field of play to an exponentially growing market of blockchain gamers.

Let’s Goooooooooal!!

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