$GOAL Token

$GOAL is the in-game token in Blockchain Football. The total supply is uncapped, but its supply is regulated by a burning mechanism to control inflation. $GOAL can be earned and spent through multiple gaming activities.

Many in-game tokens of blockchain games decrease in value due to oversupply. Blockchain Football addresses the issue by controlling the over-issuance of $GOAL.

Users earn just enough $GOAL from PvE challenges, quests, events and promotions to enter 1-vs-1 matches and PvP tournaments. To earn more, users have to win matches.

PvP matches are zero-sum skill-based competitions. Users win the entry fees from other participants, thus the game does not need to issue more $GOAL to winners.

Additionally, a percentage of the tournament entry fees is kept by the game and removed from the game ecosystem. Such a system has been proven to be very effective in esports matching and skill gaming. The removal of $GOAL from the ecosystem reduces overall supply.

Furthermore, Blockchain Football will not allow users to withdraw $GOAL during the initial period of approximately 6 months. During such period, users can only obtain $GOAL via in-game purchases or the secondary market. Users can still earn by selling and renting out NFTs acquired with $GOAL. The supply of NFTs will also be reviewed and adjusted to control overall game's inflation.

$GOAL is required for many core gameplay in Blockchain Football. Blockchain Football intends to balance supply and demand of $GOAL with the methods mentioned above, by limiting the over-issuance of $GOAL from PvE challenges, making the core earning mechanism to come from zero-sum skill-based PvP tournaments and restricting the withdrawal of $GOAL during the initial 6-month period.

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